Bucket List

Enriching Events


At least two or three times a year, Evins Mill will host tastings featuring the many nearby vendors we use to locally source our food & drink, from microbreweries to moonshine distilleries to goat milk creameries. For details on scheduled events, click here. To learn more about our local tasting partners, click on the links below...  

Group Events

Most of the retreats we host are private or closed events, but several times a year, clients will host open-enrollment affairs that frequently involve leadership, wellness or yoga programs. For details on scheduled events, click here. To learn more about the instructors or firms that have hosted open-enrollment retreats at Evins Mill, click on the links below...

Holiday Celebrations

Evins Mill designs events to match the spirit of a holiday. For details on scheduled events, click here.
  • "Cupid's Delight" (aka Valentines)
  • Memorial Weekend Cookout
  • July 4th Weekend Cookout
  • Labor Day Weekend Cookout
  • Halloween Pumpkin Carving
  • Thanksgiving Day Feast
  • New Year's Eve

Nearby Events

Throughout the year, special events are hosted off-site but nearby. While they are not organized in conjunction with Evins Mill, they may hold interest for our guests, whether it be a studio art tour, a music festival or an Earth Day celebration.


  • Earth Day at Bert Driver Nursery (Apr 22)


  • Watertown Music Fest in Watertown (first weekend)