Well-Being at Evins Mill

Health & Well-Being

In normal times, we strive to maintain a healthy ecosystem for guests and staff alike through a long-standing commitment to cleanliness, safety and preventative maintenance. The A+ scores we consistently receive from inspections of our dining/lodging facilities by the TN Dept of Health speak to the higher standard to which we hold ourselves.

In these less than normal times, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. 
Beyond calling attention to aspects of Evins Mill that may intrinsically reduce the risk of infectious disease – it is for example a fundamentally outdoor experience with a limited number of patrons and within a short drive of most who read this – we have adopted a variety of protocols and practices to further mitigate the risk.

Some of these measures may be temporary while others are potentially permanent. Either way, we revisit these procedures and policies on a weekly basis and calibrate them to be in tune with current CDC and state recommendations.

[revised Thursday, August 6, 2020]

Reservation Policies

  • We invite guests to assess their health prior to arrival and remain home if not feeling well.
  • As applicable, we convert penalties for illness-related cancellations to full credits, redeemable within a collaboratively defined time frame. 

  • Though we invite guests to arrive earlier, we have shifted room check-in from 3:00 to 4:00, allowing us time to perform "deep" room turn-overs.

Meal & Bar Service Protocols

  • We require our staff to don facial coverings during plated meal services.
  • Special events aside, we place tables at least 6' apart and offer take-out service at breakfast & dinner in lieu of dining in.
  • In common gathering areas, we provide non-alcoholic beverages & snacks upon request rather than at a self-serve station.
  • While full bar service remains available, we have eliminated bar seating. 
  • If provided at all, we use disposable menus and do not re-use.
  • We disinfect points of contact after every seating, including chairs, table surfaces/sides and table-top accoutrements.

Other Front-of-House Protocols

  • We require our staff to don facial coverings when assisting guests in person.
  • We disinfect points of contact at the Main Lodge & Gristmill three to four times from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
  • We provide and monitor hand sanitizer stations at points of ingress/egress at the Main Lodge, Gristmill & Solstice. 

  • Per weather conditions, we keep open doors of ingress & egress at the Main Lodge and Gristmill from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • We offer bellhop service only upon request to further minimize points of contact.

  • We perform "deep" turn-overs for overnight accommodations, paying special heed to contact points like remote controls, etc.

  • We request that guests pay by credit card and do not require the card to be present to complete the transaction.

Back-of-House Measures

  • We take staff temperatures every time a staff member clocks-in and send staff home if their temperature exceeds 100.4.

  • We schedule staff to arrive, take breaks/lunch, and depart on a staggered schedule to reduce moments of congregation.

  • When possible, we schedule staff to work independently of – or at least 6' feet from – each other.

  • We require staff to don facial coverings when in proximity to other staff members and provide staff with their own set of washable masks.

  • We require staff to sign an agreement indicating they will not come to work if they have had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID or if they have recently experienced symptoms of illness, COVID or otherwise.

  • We require staff to wash their hands upon arrival and incessantly throughout their shift.

  • We disinfect points of contact in back-of-house areas after every use.

  • We disinfect all delivered packages upon arrival.

  • We require house managers to sign a daily COVID checklist incorporating the measures outlined above.
  • We require housekeepers to sign a deep-cleaning checklist upon the cleaning of each overnight accommodation. 
  • We post CDC signage in back-of-house areas reminding staff how they can mitigate the risks of infectious diseases.

Event Specific Protocols

  • For breakfast, lunch & dinner, we offer event clients a choice between plated or take-out service.

  • At session breaks, we offer event clients a choice between a private self-serve or full-serve break station.

  • We set-up tables in meeting and dining rooms per event client request, but when possible recommend 6' apart seating.
  • We disinfect points of contact in meeting rooms before each meeting, including chairs, table surfaces/sides and AV.

Please contact us should you have any additional suggestions or concerns.