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In an effort to acquire more of its food from local vendors who raise their animals in a humane, grass-fed and chemical-free environment and who grow their produce organically, Evins Mill is pleased to partner with many Tennessee-based food purveyors - as well as a few in bordering states. In 2015, Evins Mill bought 20% of its food & beverage products from Tennessee sources and has increased that share incrementally each year since.

The philosophy and techniques of many of the resort's purveyors result in cuisine that is better for...

  • the health of our guests

  • the environment

  • the local economy

  • local farmers & their animals

  • and of course the taste

Evins Mill chronicles the story of its locally-sourced cuisine on its blog Thoughtful Provenance, where Chef Evans posts profiles of our Tennessee-based food purveyors, or offers a progress report from his own farm, from which the resort purchases much of its produce spring through fall.

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

  • Boleslaw Brothers Encased Meats, Sparta ~ sausage

  • Dekalb Farmers Market, Smithville ~ produce & bread

  • Evans Family Farm, Smithville ~ produce

  • Fireman One Barbecue, Smithville ~ smoked, pulled pork

  • Herb Cottage, Smithville ~ herbs & flowers