RiverWatch Golf Course
Carmac Falls
Short Mountain Distillery
Northfield Vineyards Wine Tastings
Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese Tasting
Yoga Retreats

"Carmac Falls is spectacular and a must see. Where else can you go and enjoy your own private waterfall?"

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "extracurricular" as a "lying outside one's regular duties or routine." If fine dining and creek side accommodations constitute the core curriculum at Evins Mill, we also offer a panoply of extracurricular endeavors for groups and individuals alike. To wit, as an official Tennessee State Natural Area, Evins Mill is home to a variety of adventuresome on-site activities, including moderate to challenging hiking trails and a swimming hole below 90-foot Carmac Falls, which are exclusively available to resort guests. Evins Mill is also home to several thousand square feet of  gathering and special event spaces, including private dining rooms & decks, a game hall, conference spaces and a reception hall. Evins Mill is also a convenient springboard to a lot of local color, including distilleries, breweries, vineyards, farms, nurseries & art galleries, all of which are available for patronage, tours and/or tastings - and from which Evins Mill sources much of its own products. Also nearby are multiple State Parks, Center Hill Lake and RiverWatch Golf Course.