Turning Green

Electric Vehicle Station

As electric vehicles minimize the emissions which contribute to climate change, Evins Mill aims to facilitate their use by providing its patrons with an EV Charging Station, featuring two Level-2 Lectron charge boxes, each with its own twenty-foot cable & plug.

Plugs are compatible with all electric vehicles except Teslas, which come with an adaptor. While use of the EV Station may not be reserved, its use is complimentary.  

LED Lighting

Between string lights, bollard lights, recessed lights, spotlights, panel lights, chandeliers, lamps, sconces and a host of other light fixtures, Evins Mill employs well over two thousand light bulbs.

Formerly populated with incandescent, florescent or halogen bulbs, these light fixtures now feature more environmentally-friendly LED bulbs, which are 80% more efficient than their above referenced counterparts, last longer and produce zero toxic elements.   

Food & Beverage

In an effort to acquire more of its food from local vendors who raise their animals in a humane, grass-fed and chemical-free environment and who grow their produce organically, Evins Mill is pleased to partner with multiple Tennessee-Based Purveyors - as well as a few in bordering states.

The philosophy and techniques of many of the resort's purveyors result in cuisine that is not only better for the environment, but also for the local economy, local farmers & their animals, the health of our guests, and of course the taste.


Biodegradables refer to products that will decompose naturally when introduced into the environment and as a result are more eco-friendly than their traditional plastic counterparts.

To that end, Evins Mill employs a variety of biodegradable products, most involving meal service wares, including...

  • sack lunch side containers
  • sack lunch cutlery kits
  • sack lunch containers
  • thermal cups, lids & sleeves
  • straws

Gift Shop

Our Gift Shop, such as it is, features mostly locally produced products, including hiking sticks crafted by Executive Chef Jason Evans & his family, soaps & lotions manufactured by nearby Harmony Lane Farm & Creamery, herb packets from the equally closeby Herb Cottage, and assorted crafts made by long-time guest attendant Dorothy Knipfer.