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The cuisine at Evins Mill is for many guests a highlight of their experience, prompting requests for resort recipes and culinary techniques.

To that end, Chef Jason Evans periodically posts recipes to Gastronomy, the resort's archive of culinary delights. There, curious minds will find dozens of recipes for soups, salads/dressings, entrees, ides, desserts, drinks, breakfast fare and more. 

Chef Evans also posts video tutorials to the resort's YouTube Channel, demonstrating techniques for performing a variety of culinary tasks. Our "Egg Cookery" Series for instance includes tutorials on how to baste, fry, poach and scramble an egg, and how to prepare an omelet. Our "Knife Skills" Series includes dozens of tutorials on how to cut everything from a watermelon to salmon. Many of these video tutorials are also posted below.

Egg Cookery

Knife Skills